Embedded system development


In house PCB prototyping


Custom software development

The software specialists at Benedictus B.V. have a thorough know-how of the latest software technologies, which allows for the seamless integration of embedded systems with complex data analysis and management systems. As a consequence, we are able to offer our clients state-of-the-art hardware and software integration. All our products are custom designed, which means that they are optimally suited and fitted to our clients needs. All products are designed for durable real-world use, and have been extensively field tested in a variety of real-world settings.



Company description

At Benedictus B.V. we develop hardware, firmware and software solutions. For each new project, we set up a collaborative engineering team consisting of CAD designers (2D and 3D design), electrical engineers (circuit design) and software specialists (embedded software development, data management system design and web-based application programming). All development and prototyping is done in-house, whereas the commercial end products are always produced in collaboration with local (i.e. Dutch) production partners, to ensure control over the production process.



We handle all our projects with great confidentiality. If you would like to make an inquiry regarding our services, please fill out the form below.